Success Story

August 2009
Dear Dr. Rey

I want to report to you that after completing the 21 Day Purification/Weight Loss Program, I have lost 10 pounds. I started my Program on Wednesday, June 15th and completed the Program on Wednesday August 5th.

I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday, August 4th with my personal physician at which she took my weight to confirm that I had indeed lost weight. Then she orders a complete blood work up. I am glad to report that all my tests came back normal and for the first time in eight years my liver count and blood pressure was normal. The diabetes test came back negative and a lot of the swelling in my ankle had gone down. My sleeping improved and I feel rested when I get up and my energy level is good and its getting better each day.

Dr. Rey, before going on the program, I was exercising on a daily basis and had only dropped a few pounds. I felt like I was not getting anywhere after a year of exercising.

So, I just want to say thank you for a start to eating healthier and maintaining it along with daily exercise and making it a lifestyle. It was the boost that I needed and I am still going strong three weeks later.

Thank You!

January 25,2007

To whom it may concern,

It sprite of a negative feeling regarding Chiropractic Health Care, I finally gave into the urging of a much trusted friend, a doctor, to see Dr. Alcerro.
To my surprise, the first treatment was very relaxing and the Doctor was gentle and knowledgeable! Furthermore, I did not need to remove any clothing or be bodily massaged-there was no discomfort!
Within 24 hours my stabbing headaches disappeared as did my sciatica. After 2 sessions, my backache had subsided considerably.
My husband, so impressed, he made an appointment to begin treatment for his painful knee and shoulders. We are convinced he, too will experience these miraculous results.